Let me not grow weary, even in sickness
Let me not grow faint and allow death to reign
For you, my God, have brought salvation
And it is here to bring back the life that has been stolen by sin

I will not allow love to be taken from me any longer
For I am called your Beloved One
I claim your joy, for it is my strength
Your peace I cannot comprehend,
But it assures me of your presence
I cannot live without your grace
I would die without your mercy

Resurrect these ashes and breathe life into this decaying flesh
May I begin to live a Prodigal life recklessly spent solely on You
Fill me with boldness for your truth
Confidence to proclaim your word
Rid me of all that continues to hinder me
from living a life that is blameless and worthy to be that of Your disciple

May I never stop giving love.



Some things must be put to death
There is beauty in death
There is rebirth through death
There is new life from death

In this season of harvest, the old must die and be taken up by the wind
All must be laid bare
But there is no shame in nakedness
For all that has been stripped will be clothed in new garments of life
From broken soil springs abundant life
The harvest season brings change, and with it transformation

Though Winter’s cold and chilling winds may come
And there seems to be no life in sight
Urgency dwells beneath the snow,
Crying out within all creation for new life to come in abundance
Spring welcomes all that has been humbled to brokenness
And calls for resurrection among the dry bones of creation

Though Winter seemed empty of purpose
And its silence appeared vacant of any answer,
Creation was being prepared in its waiting
And its heart beat faster in sweet anticipation and expectancy for the Creator
For the One who melts away the ice of winter and softens all that has become hardened
The Sun warms all the earth in its embrace
It illuminates the darkest places, sending light forth from this land of shadows

How blessed is this journey
How present is the Almighty Creator
How richly does his Spirit dwell in all creation
Praise the Lord!

God Speaks

Journal entry 3/16/09
I am disciplining my children who have been wasteful for so long. It is time for the prodigal sons and daughters to come back to their Father. It is time for them to turn from their wasteful ways and be faithful stewards of the gifts they have received. For too long they have done what they so choose with their riches and material possessions as if it were all their own, as if they had given it to themselves, as if they had created.
Did I not create all of these things? Was it not I who showered blessings upon you? Blessings exceedingly and abundantly more than you can image or even dream to posses. But do I give abundantly so that you may only waste abundantly in return? No! I bless so that you may be a blessing to others!
Do you not see the naked? Clothe them! Do you not hear the starving begging for food? Feed them! Care for the fatherless and comfort the widow. How long will you continue to ignore them? How long will you go on denying their existence?
Stop seeking benefit and your own personal gain, for these evils cloud man’s very connection with his Maker. How then can you see what I see, how will your heart beat and break for my children? This is why I have called you to death, so that you might live. Just as Jesus lived to die, he was resurrected so that the glory of God might be made known to the world and his new life would be lived for all eternity. So die to your flesh, which is but a vessel, and live in the Spirit, which is the connection to the Father.

.:late night reflections:.

In fear of God we fear nothing else
In him we can trust when we trust nothing else
For He will provide when the world takes away
And He will remain when the world falls away
We become lost when man lies and deceives us
But in Him we are found, for He guides and leads us
From glory to glory we soldier on
For His joy is our strength, so our weakness is gone
His joy is our light, so we shine like the sun
His joy gives us boldness when timidity thrives
His joy gives us victory over our lives
In peace we are still
In peace we can heal
In peace we are living.
In love we find all things complete.


it’s all i can do not to mess UP
to fall from Your grace and to slip UP
always afraid that i’ll trip UP
if only to You i will look UP
you said my heart You will lift UP
my broken spirit You said You will pick UP
on the last day my soul You will raise UP

so LORD, let Your fire fall DOWN
let Your love reign in me and rain DOWN
on my world, on my life may it come DOWN
cause the walls that i’ve built to be brought DOWN
LORD to my knees i will bow DOWN
deliver me God when i’m beat DOWN
forgive me, my LORD, when i cut DOWN
for You, Father, my life i would lay DOWN