Resolved to Live As a New Creation

This is what I resolve to do, this and every year, this and everyday, this and every moment.
To yearn for Him more deeply, live for Him more passionately, seek Him more fervently.
It is no longer I who live but Christ who lives in me.
It is no longer I, but God who works in me both to will and to work for His good pleasure that which He has established for me to walk in from before the foundations of the world.
I will fail at my resolutions, but His will shall surely stand, His purposes will endure, and His plans will prosper.
And this is His will: that I would be conformed into the likeness of His Beloved Son – with whom I have died, by whom I live, and in whom I stand.
He cannot fail, He will bring about all He has decreed, fulfill all that He has promised, bring to completion every work He has begun.
I have hope because I am confident in His love for me, confident in His faithfulness toward me, confident in His good work in and through me, confident in His sovereignty over me.
He is God over me. He is God in me. He is God with me. Emmanuel.
It is only by His grace that I am what I am, and it is only by His grace that I can resolve to be who I will be.
The goal is not to become a better/skinnier/faster/healthier version of myself, but rather to die to myself and live to God.
The goal must not terminate on me, but must exalt His kingdom, display His glory, and magnify His name among the nations.

So, this and every year, this and everyday, this and every moment
Make Him your treasure
Rest in His work
Be sustained by His love
Be led by His Spirit
Be satisfied in the river of His delights

You have been born again into a living hope
Let hope arise again in your heart
Where darkness has blinded you to the Truth
Let hope arise
Where discouragement and depression have ravaged your soul
Let hope arise
Where rejection has left you bitter
Let hope arise
Where comfort has lulled you into laziness
Let hope arise
Where shame has condemned you
Let hope arise
Where fear has crippled you
Let hope arise

Do not be afraid
Do not fear
Run with abandon into the unknown
Dance in the mystery
Risk everything
Hold onto nothing
Exchange the temporal for the eternal,
The fleeting for that which will remain
Hold fast to Him and rest secure in His arms