Ready for the King

We are forerunners
We are the ones called to prepare the way for King Jesus
We are the voices crying out in the wilderness,
“Prepare the way of the Lord!”
We prepare the way for the One who has come before us and will come again
We are not fit to unlace His sandals
But He has called us friends
No longer are we servants
For a servant does not know what his master is doing
We are friends of the Bridegroom
He is our Good Shepherd
We know His voice
And He has told us of the things which are to come
So that when our eyes behold them we would know that He is near
At the very gates!
That we would not be those who are easily deceived
But we will be a people made ready
A people awake and sober
Dressed for action in beautiful Garments of Righteousness
Prepared to prepare the way
A voice of hope, proclaiming the return of our Lord
For we are not in darkness for that day to surprise us like a thief
But we are Children of Light, we belong to the day
We are not afraid
His coming is the longing of our souls
Like a fig tree proclaiming that summer is near
Or the darkened clouds which tell of a coming storm
We know the signs, the times, and the seasons
Though we do not know the Day
The Bride will be made ready when her Bridegroom comes